Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Justice and the Redemption of God

Southeastern Bible College asked me to speak for their chapel last semester.  Above is a recording.  Three things to note:

1.  This was given at a college so it was written for an academic setting.  So its not technically a sermon and possibly is a bit more "technical" than a message that I might give in a church or to a youth group.

2.  I have decided I hate listening to myself.  Listening to recordings of yourself lends itself to hearing all the times you mispronounced something or stuttered or said "um" or breathed funny or had an annoying squeak in your voice.  Hopefully, none of those things are nearly as distracting for you as they are for me.

3  Please note that I have climbed to the steeple of the roof pictured in this video.

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