Sunday, September 16, 2007

Awesome Message!

So I went to a church here in Birmingham today (Church at Brook Hills) led by a guy named David Platt. For those who don't know anything about him, David is a really awesome pastor, originally from New Orleans but he moved up here with Katrina and now pastors this church. He taught a message this morning that was awesome. I strongly recommend listening to it (I don't really want to give a synopsis cause then you'll be less likely to listen), but basically David was talking about the Christian life, and how its root is supposed to be in Christ, not activity (which we have an unfortunate tendency to make it into). He made a really striking and bold statement- A lot of times we are guilty of idolatry because we make the "Christian life" more important than Christ himself.
Here's the link:

Go here and listen to the message from today (Sept. 16). You might also listen to the one before it, I haven't heard it yet but was told by a friend it was equally awesome (and its the first part of the series that today's message continued). If you have the ability, I would recommend watching the video, he makes an object lesson you might not get from just audio.

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